New Rigoletto song “Fast Car” out March 18, 2014

Rigoletto will be releasing their newest smash single (haha) titled “Fast Car” on March 18, 2014. We’ve been a’ brewing this one  up for awhile now and we’re excited to finally get it to your ears. The song will also be released with a special music video that the guys have been working on too. Fast Car will be available on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, and all other digital retailers. Until then, go jam their Delusions of Grandeur record!

Free Download: Alive in Your Grave by Undesirable People

Here’s the deal – we’re giving away Undesirable People’s new EP, Former Self : Current State, away for free. UP’s newest tune came out this past Thursday and was featured on AbsolutePunk. So, here ya go – download it for free at the Undesirable People Bandcamp page. It’s currently listed as a “name your price” song – you’ll have to just enter $0 to get it for free (if you’d like to pay some money, that would be super sweet of you).

New Live It Out Record!

After just a little over a year, Live It Out has finally put together a record for us to put out… and we’re excited about it. I’d’ve will release on October 29, 2013. No, we’re not pressing vinyl for this but, I can assure you that every single track on this release is amazing. The album will be available for download and in compact disc formats. Expect a new song to premier this Friday – Sept 13, 2013.


Brothers or Not’s Pioneer EP is officially out NOW

Brothers Or Not‘s Pioneer EP is officially available now. Well, technically it came out this Tuesday but, we wanted to drag on the announcement so, we’re posting this today (sorry). We’ve been pretty overwhelmed with the response that it’s gotten thus far. So, please give it a spin. Let us know if you like it or hate it (hopefully not).

You can stream the EP on Bandcamp or Spotify. It’s also available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and from us. We pressed a small run of CD’s (compact disks) for people that still like to jam that way – just $5. Oh yeah, if you purchase the download directly from the band, it’s just $3 too.

Here’s a review clip from

“Brothers Or Not brings their southern roots to rock & roll in their EP, “Pioneer.” Their rock-with-a-slight-tinge-of-country sound is amplified in their opening track, “Talk All Day.” The two worlds meet as the vocals swiftly switch from calm and suave to angry and loud. The guitars and bass manage to change tempos within seconds, effortlessly and flawlessly.” (read more)

New Release Info: Pioneer EP by Brothers Or Not

Brothers Or Not will release their Pioneer EP on June 25, 2013. Available in digital and compact disc formats. The first single off of the EP will be posted next week sometime. Until then, the teaser clip below should hold you over. This EP has been a long time coming and we’re finally happy we can get it in your ears! Pre-order and track-listing info can be found on the bands’ Bandcamp page.