Undesirable People


Genre: Indie/Punk/Rock
Members: Steven Kennedy, Mark Lebiecki, Brian Fraser, Jon Lebiecki
Hometown: St. Clair Shores, Michigan
Biography: At a time when listeners thrive for a new and genuine sound in an ever-changing genre, Metro-Detroit rock band Undesirable People have found a way to provide just that with an on-stage chemistry visible from the start. Signing with South Division Records in May of 2011, their self-titled EP was released shortly after. The 2012 Undesirable People EP reveals a group of musicians with clear intentions on their approach to playing and writing. The band continues on through-out the remainder of the year and through most of 2012 supporting this release to its fullest. With handful of mid-west tours and a Canadian run under their belt, the band gained plenty of momentum for their next release.

Undesirable People’s sophomore release titled Eugenics excited both previous and new fans of the group. Recorded with Chris Trestain and mastered by Jay Maas of the band Defeater, the six song EP demonstrates a group of musicians proving to make each instrument relevant to the ear and relevant to each other. With bass and guitar tones that dig deep in to each track, an in-the-pocket rhythm section and vocal lines that leave you asking for more.

Their newest release, Former Self : Current State, is set to be released November 2013. In recent years, the pushover, frail artists of today have become all too common in a recycled industry of what was once considered to be a alluring, respected profession. Enthrallment is dead, replication has become the norm. Leaving the working-class musician in a dark corner. Former self/current state is acerbity towards the bastards in our place. It’s for the last of us who withhold pride in what we create. For lack of better term, The last of a dying breed. Stay Undesirable.

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