Live It Out

Genre: Pop-Punk
Members: Seth Melrose, Nate Sajdak, Tim Devore, Austin Birkett, Eric Carne
Hometown: Roseville, Michigan
Formed in the late 1980s, Live It Out of Los Angeles, CA is the phoenix that rose from the ashes of notable bands Operation Ivy and Twisted Sister. Since their inception, they’ve been making a name for themselves for over 20 years doing what Dub Step bands do best; stealing babies and taking your mother out for a nice, hot cup of coffee. With the rise of Melodic Hardcore in the 90s with bands like Kid Dynamite and Strike Anywhere, Live It Out decided to change from Dub Step to the more popular late 90s Power Pop / Emo, paving the way for bands like Taking Back Sunday and Saves the Day.

Fast forward to 2011, and you have the men you’ve come to love, nurture, adore, and love some more. They’re still stealing babies, and may have switched over to taking your mother out for scones and coffee (since they can afford it), but are less popular than ever. If you see them, do not hesitate to forget they are a band, and not a semi-organized drinking team… because most likely, they’ll be too drunk to play you songs anyway.
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